What draws me to paint and make things is giving myself the present of undivided attention, the present of expressing emotion, feeling, and thought. It is the gift of paying attention to my inner life, the world beneath.  Making art is a highly individualized and empowering process. It is the way you share the world you love in an innermost dialogue and on a heart-felt level.

At it’s core, creation is not a cerebral activity. I am not writing a scholarly paper. I am expressing myself in form, shape, color, and texture.


Wendelin Glatzel

For me, painting is about separating myself form a chaotic world. It is about taking the emotional cues that sights and sounds have given me and translating it into something visual of my own order and making. It is about moving from the visual world to the invisible world and back to the visible world.

The beauty you are able to create is something that has been salvaged from a world inundated with the clutter of the media, fashion, and daily trends. Our world has been injured by greed, the opposite of beauty, which can cause us to view everything and everyone as a commodity, something to be bought and sold.

True beauty stands out and stands alone. Beauty never changes, it is beyond appearance, dazzle, and sheen.

Beauty you recognize in an instant, because it touches your heart. It shows you a glimpse of the essence of a landscape, an object or person, and it meets the needs of the soul.

I see my studio as a lab where I work to purify beauty out of the mediocre, unattended, unnoticed, or simply thrown away. This is the process that I engage in when I’m painting – the cover, uncover, and discover until I see glimpses of beauty in my work. I live and work on the outer edge of Cape Cod, where the serene landscape and famous light have attracted artists from around the country and world. Being surrounded by pure beauty provides me focus and inspiration.