Things to Do…

by Wendelin on January 14, 2014

As the light comes back, slowly guiding us through winter into spring, the long to-do list of my studio/life seems to be growing with every day’s growing light.

A time to pick up the threads of unfinished business, revisit paintings and projects, feeling my way through the shadows on the road and charting a new course. Certainty seems impossible. Healing what needs to be healed means calmly reviewing with kindness and re-inviting the proven – painting, music, and making fires to recalibrate the senses, with gratitude for what is and the abundance ahead.

When I came across a beautiful poem by Dan Albergotti, I deeply felt the lesson of solitary melancholy that seems to have settled in over the past months. As the poet Jane Hirshfield remarked in an interview: “You can’t read a poem by someone else and not recognize in their experience your own face. This is a continual reminder of amplitude, intimacy and tenderness… Art is a field glass for concentrating the knowledge and music of connection.”

Enjoy the poem, maybe it is a connection to similar emotions felt and encouragement that you are in a good place and this is what you are supposed to do. And that it will expand the love for yourself and others, as well as the love for your work, especially when it is practiced in the belly of the whale.


Solstice: Return of the Light

by Wendelin on December 19, 2013


These blog entries will be small gifts of celebrating the sights, sounds, and ideas that touch my heart, trigger my aesthetic emotions and feelings, and inform my work. They are not meant to teach you how to make art or advice on particular techniques, but rather suggestions on what to look for, if you want to live an artful life. They will encourage you to embrace the beauty waiting for you.

Sometimes, celebrating these special moments is best done by making something yourself. So maybe this blog at it’s best will show a way to become aware and more open to all of the wonderful surprises on your journey.

Feel free to use the ideas presented as a springboard into your own wonderment and creativity.